General In Spa Policies

​​​​Cancellation & Refund Policy

In consideration of our clients, please leave your child at home. No children under the age of 8 will be permitted to wait for you while you are in your appointment. You WILL be asked to reschedule your appointment. 

Please SILENCE your cell phone when entering. As cute as your ring tone is, nobody else wants to hear it. 

And finally, please refrain from smoking out side our front door. We are a place of health & beauty. Smoking is NOT healthy & certainly not beautiful. We care about you and your health, but more importantly our non-smoking clients would greatly appreciate fresh air as they are walking in to our shop.


We will do our best to communicate with you on the best option to achieve your desired look. Sometimes, unfortunately, the desired look you want may not be the healthiest option for your lashes. Recommendations are at the sole discretion of your provider. Due to the personal nature of lash extensions, we cannot guarantee that they will last any specific amount of time. There are many factors, things we have no control over, that can determine this. Here are a few:

1. Your skin type. 

2. Your exercise regimen.

3. Air humidity. 

4. Porousness of your lashes. 

5. The type of facial wash/moisturizer/skin products you use. 

7. How often you cry or your eyes water. 

8. Your climate. 

9. Chlorine &/or saltwater. 

10. Hygiene. 

This is the short list. 

Our guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with your new full set you have options. 

We will remove them at NO CHARGE or your original provider will give you a complimentary touch up with in 7 days of your original service. 

Please call us immediately so we have time to fit you in for this service. There are NO REFUNDS on services rendered. None. Nada. Please don't ask. Please make sure you and your provider discuss thoroughly what your expectations are for you new, beautiful full set of extensions. 

  • Shimmer requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. No show/no call customers will be charged $25 or 20% of the service total. Which ever is less. 

  • If you have a package with us, you will forfeit one service off your package. 

  • Please note that any fees paid for SERVICES RENDERED are non-refundable. Non-Refundable. Please see above for our guarantee to you. 

  • Any deposits or fees paid directly to Shimmer for services not yet performed are refundable with in 7 days of payment received. Bridal deposits are an example of this.  A spa credit will be issued after 7 days with a 12 month expiration date. 

  • All prepaid services - packages, BOGOS, etc - have a 6 MONTH expiration date. Any exceptions to this will be clearly noted IN WRITING to you. 

  • Any fees for services paid to 3rd party vendors (GROUPON, LivingSocial, Gift Certificates acquired through charity events, etc.) are NOT refundable by Shimmer. Please call the customer service number provided on your coupon or voucher. No shows on these services will result in the loss of promotional value. Actual value will be issued as a spa credit and will expire 12 months from original appointment date. 

  • Due to the personal nature of cosmetics, lotions, & jewelry, any product purchased from Shimmer may be returned with in 30 days for a full refund if unopened and in original packaging.