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We are located in the back of the spa.

Just some of our available items

​Welcome to Bauble & Rag Boutique

This is another hairbrained scheme from me! Just like when everyone said I couldn't make a living doing "fake eyelashes", the idea of selling my second hand clothes is raising some brows. But I don't care. I have many items of clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags that have barely seen the light of day, because...I think I may have a shopping problem! I have tried to list these items on all the regular sites, but meeting up with people, having them haggle prices on a BRAND NEW COACH PURSE! is getting tiring. And frankly I suck at uploading & updating listings. So here I am. Now, here's where YOU come in:

I need your gently used higher end mainstream designer clothes, shoes, bags, & jewelry. Trust me I have enough of my own inventory to fill our current space, but I am only one size...well, maybe two depending on the size of the burrito I just ate.

There are 3 ways we can do a deal:

1. I can buy your items outright. I will pay, in cash or check, what I think the item is worth. This option would pay out the lowest due to the fact that it is the highest risk for me. Also the guidelines for the item would be much more strict.

2. You can consign. You present me with a shirt. We decide it will probably sell for $20. You get $12, I get $8. Simple as that. 60/40. I will do all the marketing for your item, you sit back and collect cash.

3. Love your lashes? How about a trade? You can hand over your unwanted items for a credit in the spa! This is a great option! You are getting your lashes done anyway, why not get them for a significant discount with a store credit?!

Sound good? Let's start shopping!