My mission


It is important to me that all women, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity, financial status, & schedule have a place they can come to feel just a little prettier. As a single mom of 2 insanely active boys, making the time for myself in the mornings is almost impossible. I want to give you back 10 minutes, 15 minutes, maybe 30 minutes of your life EVERY DAY! Eyelash extensions eliminate the need for mascara. Waxing eliminates the need for shaving. An airbrush tan is way less mess than that self tanner in a tube. And the microblading? Well, that's just a little miracle. Time to come & relax and not worry about all that other stuff that is probably giving you gray hair as we speak. 

Small Beginnings


I started out of a tiny room in my home in 2010, I was that determined. I didn't really have a vision when I began, I just knew I needed to do something in addition to being a stay at home mom. So I cashed in on my Gene Juarez education and started doing makeup & lashes. In 2012, after graduating Evergreen Beauty College I was lucky enough to finally rent my own space outside of the home. Lynnwood, WA is where I seriously thought my dreams had come true. I had my own business, my own clients, and a flexible schedule for the kids. Since then, that dream has grown to a beautiful retail location in the coveted Alderwood Shopping District. Now, I am still a very small operation, but that makes it easier for me to connect with each of my clients. My dreams are becoming a reality and I LOVE it!